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Rusk Hair Styling Gel – Review

Rusk’s notoriety for producing styling products unlike any other, have made Rusk a top choice for salon professionals all over the world. Designed by a professional hair dresser, the products are made with careful thought to address the common needs of today’s hair and the hairstyles that are of the moment. With an extensive line of styling aids such as mousses, gels, and sprays, anyone is sure to find a favorite product within the Rusk offering.

For those looking for an amazing hair gel, Rusk is a great choice. Just like the other styling products in the Rusk line, Rusk Gels are made with the finest ingredients to improve the health and quality of the hair while it styles.

Rusk Designer Collection Jel Fx Styling Gel is a medium to firm hold forming styling gel. All hair types can use Jel Fx, but it works particularly well on males or those with short hairstyles who desire the wet look. Jel Fx can be used to slick, mold, or blow dry. It holds strong and controls with no flaking or greasy feel. Texture and hold can be created while leaving the hair free of stiffness, so it can be brushed and touched easily. Made with hydrolyzed silk, it will make the hair shinier and silkier as it is used. Keratin Amino acids, elements found naturally in the hair, add to this product to deliver strengthening and reparative benefits to the hair…so the hair is not only sculpted to perfection, but is actually being improved from the inside out.

Rusk Radical Sheen Texturizing and Polishing Gel is a highly concentrated silicone gel that offers all of the hair styling benefits of pomades, waxes, and cremes but with none of the greasy feel. Gives your hair an incredible external shine and texture. Great for all hair types.

When a stylist chooses a Rusk product, they know that they are going to get high performance and quality ingredients. They know that their clients are going to love the way they look and the way their hair looks, feels, and smells because of Rusk’s amazing styling products. That is the reason why Rusk is used frequently in hair salons all across the globe.

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